Red Fishnet Records accepts unsolicited material from all artists across a broad range or genres and styles. While we cannot guarantee any licensing or recording contracts we will listen to every submission in an honest and objective way.

Important Submission Notices, Policies and Requirements

  1. By submitting materials you certify that you are the rightful owner of the materials and/or authorized to make a submission.
  2. All materials must be in either .wav or .mpg format. Please, no cassettes, compact discs, reel-to-reel or vinyl.
  3. If available, include any liner notes, artist/band bios and any other relevant information that will help us review your materials. These can be submitted in .pdf or .doc formats.
  4. Be sure to include all contact information so that we know you to reach you. Please also include links to any websites reltaed to your submission.
  5. Materials should be sent to
  6. We will review your material as soon as possible. However; due to the volume of submissions received, it may take us several months to complete our review.
  7. Due to the volume of submissions we cannot provide you with an analysis of your material.
  8. PLease do not contact us regarding your material or our process. We will contact you directly if we like your material and to discuss the next steps.